cvlt leader of london based band BURIERS...this is a place for me to unfurl my words and 'exhibit' my artwork to the wounded world.
>>if you are here clawing for anything music related then please let me nudge you towards the links below...

21st OCT. BURIERS -  upstairs at ronnie scott’s
a gang of eunuchs dressed in strikingly unique stitch-ware and humble prayer gowns. one of the pack in a black bomber-jacket with white cotton stitch on the back reading B.U.R.I.E.R.S.

rather wild weekend in - nailing prescription drugs, slugging on gin while dressed in a wedding gown and best pair of brown brogues

mixing very nearly done. new record soon.
texas with babel fishh
PØX series - number 001 by james p honey [AD2014]
James P Honey solo gig at Fusion Festival in Germany this Thursday. If you are in the area then come and say hi.

BURIERS are deeply honoured to announce that the masterful cvlt hero and Californian-based button-wizard EDISON has remixed our track DIM HALF LIGHT. here it is as a FREE DOWNLOAD. do not sleep. spread the word. and check out his mind-boggling catalogue.

nice review of our London gig last week - 
"bringing something different to the folk scene"